Brief History of 45th Space Wing :


Evolution of the Wing

Development of the Eastern Range

Military & Civilian Roles in Range & Launch Operations

Contractors Roles In Range & Launch Operations

List of Commanders: Examine this list of commanders of the Joint Long Range Proving Ground, LRPG Division, AFMTC, AFETR, ESMC and

the 45th Space Wing as well as Patrick AFB Commanders and Installation Commanders.

Commanders’ Selected Comments: Commanders’ views on important topics.

Launch Facilities & Programs: Overview of the launch complexes and facility programs at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (best viewed with a frames-capable browser)

Chronology of Events: Review this chronology of events for the 45th Space Wing and its predecessors at the eastern launch


This page prepared by 45SW/HO

CapeCanaveral Air Force Station is the historic base for man”s quest of spaceflight. Itwas from the Cape that Alan Shepard, John Glenn and many other space pioneers first

rocketed into the unknown. The U.S. Air Force preserves the history of man”s conquest of space in its history and museum program.

History of Spaceflight from Cape Canaveral AFS

The following two books, produced by the 45th Space Wing Historian, Mr. Mark Cleary, record the history of spaceflight from Cape

Canaveral Air Force Station (best viewed with a frames-capable browser): The 6555th: Missile and Space Launches through 1970 The Cape: Military Space Operations 1971-1992.





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